Saturday, February 9, 2013

The People's E-book Kickstarter Project

I am a huge fan of Kickstarter. I've supported tons of projects over the last few months and donated far too much money for a writer who isn't actually making any money of her own right now. But I love it! The idea of total strangers donating millions of dollars on indie projects that otherwise would never come to life is the best of what we humans can do when we come together.

I just came across an interesting project that I thought other writers would like to look at. Greg Albers from Hol Art Books is creating an app that will make e-publishing fast, easy, and free. The project has already reached and almost doubled it's $10,000 goal, and there are still 20 days left to donate. While I am still a believer in traditional publishing, e-publishing is a force to be reckoned with and is here to stay. If you are interested in self-pubing something (even art projects or blogs), this is definitely a project to keep your eye on. You can check out The People's E-book here to learn all about it.

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